I've worked on many projects. Below is a list of the most significant.


A command line application for tracking time

Built using Rust. It stores it's data in a directory of plain text files. Data synchronization is acheived with Syncthing.

  • augr is designed for my own use, and I use it almost everyday
  • Rust's strong static type system reduces the number of bugs
  • Realized that a simpler format would serve augr's purposes better

Snake Game

Inspired by the classic snake game, this project frees the snake from the grid

Built using zig.

  • Compiles to WASM uses WebGL to render the game
  • Uses HTML and DOM manipulation for GUI

Project Checklists

Create checklists to make sure you complete every step of a process

Built using React.

  • Create, remove, and edit the steps of the checklist
  • Data is stored locally on the device

Dev Desk Queue

A tool to connect helpers with students who have a problem.

Built using React.

  • Created pages for viewing issue list and issue details

Sauti Studio

Marketing page for a web app to make USSD sites with simple Graphical User Interface

Built using HTML and LESS.

  • Created and designed the marketing pages
  • Site is responsive